Day 1

9.00 – 10.00 Teatro Sociale

chaired by Simone Borelli (FAO)  
Welcoming and opening speeches
Mr. Mattia Palazzi (Mayor, Municipality of Mantova)
Mr. Attilio Fontana (President, Lombardia Region) The Organizing Committee of the Forum:
Mr. Hiroto Mitsugi (Assistant Director-General, Forestry Department FAO)
Mr. Federico Bucci (Politecnico di Milano, Vice Rector  of Mantova Campus)
Mr. Marco Marchetti (President, SISEF)
Mr. Stefano Boeri (Co-chair of the Scientific Committee,  Architect and Full Professor at Politecnico di Milano  and Tongji University, Shanghai)
Mr. Cecil Konijnendijk (Co-chair of the Scientific Committee  and Professor of Urban Forestry at the University of British Columbia) Video message by Karmenu Vella (European Commissioner  for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries) 

10.00 – 11.00 Teatro Sociale

chaired by Simone Borelli (FAO)
The Forests that walked with the Cities: talking
history, trees and cities

speakers: Mr. Fabio Salbitano (University of Florence),  
Mr. C.Y.Jim (Education University of Hong Kong) 

The role of trees and forests in the history of landscape architecture
speaker: Mr. Joe McBride (UC Berkeley)

11.30 – 17.30 Politecnico / Aula A.1.6
Urban Conflict and Convergence in the Anthropocene

organizer: Urban Europe Research Alliance (UERA – JPI)

11.00 –11.30 Teatro Sociale
Coffee Break

11.30 – 13.00

Teatro Sociale  
• PS 1.1 Green Cities

chaired by Alan Simson
Andrej Verlic Ljubljana - A City in the forest / Paul Mandibondibo New International Collaborative Project Green Cities for Papua  / Momath Diankha Project “Kaolack Green City” /Andrea Di Paolo Modena from green to forest city /Shashi Bhushan Urban Forestry in changing Environment: A Case Study of National Capital Region, Delhi, India /  
Amna Rafi Chaudhry Lahore -The City of Gardens /
Laurent Bray Improving the urban forest approach in Limoges, France

FUM / Salone Mantegnesco  
• PS 1.2 Changing People And Benefits

chaired by Luiz de Lima Pedreira
William Hubbard  Assessing the Outcomes and Impacts of a Federal Urban 
 & Community Forestry Grant Program in the United States  / Prapassorn Siriwichai 
 Sustainable development in the peri-urban green area by local community: a case study of Kung Bangkrachao community,Thailand  /
Ana Paula Duarte Participatory inventory of Urban Forest: case study on community involvement by the volunteer program “voluntarboles”/
Ranjit Singh Gill /Policy and legal issues relating to urban forestry in India with particular reference to Meghalaya / Mi Sun Park  Policy for urban green space management in Democratic People’s Republic of Korea / Thomas Campagnaro  /Relations between perceived stress-relief and safety and green infrastructure features in a historical urban landscape

FUM /  Aula Matilde di Canossa  
• PS 1.3 Changing Spaces and Places

chaired by Pedro Calaza-Martínez
Chiara Cortinovis Is urban spatial development on the right track? Comparing strategies and trends in the European Union / Silvija Krajter A systematic review of urban forest and green space related research in the Mediterranean / Barbara Boifava  The fourth nature of the contemporary city: from Rio de Janeiro to Seattle / Al Zelaya  Make  No Little Plans: Achieving Burnham’s Livable City Vision in Chicago and the Philippines / Roberto Diolaiti – Urban forest management for better cities: case studies and trends from the Board of Directors of public green spaces in Italy / Giovanni Trentanovi  Wild urban woodlands: inappropriate occupier of abandoned spaces?

FUM / Aula Magna  
• PS 1.4 Changing Environment

chaired by Silvano Fares
Mesanlibor Syiem Tiewsoh The Air Quality Shift and Micro Climate of Shillong City in Conjunction with Green Spaces. A Case Study of a City  in North Eastern India / Lihua Cui  Analysis of heat mitigation strategies  of Zen Gardens to extremely hot weather conditions in Kyoto, Japan Camila Sattler  From Lomas to Invasion: A huge loss of biodiversity and green areas on the slopes of Lima / Claudia Cocozza Dendrochemistry  to reconstruct environmental pollution in urban forestry context /  Thami Croeser / The role of land use and development processes on tree removal patterns in the City of Melbourne, Australia / Federico Valerio Moresi Landslide susceptibility map in the green peri-urban context of Rome

13.00 – 14.00 FUM
Lunch break

14.00 – 15.30

Sala degli Stemmi
Forests of the plain and volunteering -  
The experience of the WWF in the Province of Mantova

speakers: Donato Artoni (WWF Mantovano)
organizers: WWF mantovano, WWF Italia

FUM / Aula Matilde di Canossa
Introduction and spread of pests and diseases  in urban forests

speakers: Francesca Ossola (ERSAF), Mariangela Ciampitti  
(ERSAF), Beniamino Cavagna (Regione Lombardia),  
Paolo Arienti (Assofloro) / organizers: ERSAF, Lombardia Region

FUM / Aula Magna
Stewardship Stories from the Urban Forest:
People as positive agents of change

speakers: Lindsay Campbell, Laura Landau, Michelle Johnson,  
Erika Svendsen / organizer: United States Forest Service

Politecnico / Aula A.0.2
Forests Urbanism

speakers: Bruno De Meulder and Kelly Shannon (University  of Leuven), Klaus K. Loenhart (TU Graz) / moderator: Maria Chiara Pastore (Politecnico di Milano) 

14.00 – 15.30
FUM / Salone Mantegnesco

15.30 – 17.00

FUM / Aula Magna  
• PS 2.1 Changing People

chaired by Gu Lin
Carlo Gomez CommuniAct - Avenue to Changing Urban Cities  and People / Nicole Cavender Professional Gardens can contribute important knowledge and resources to urban forestry; the Morton Arboretum as a leading example in the US / Adrina Bardekjian Girls  Talk Trees: Examining barriers to women in arboriculture and urban forestry across Canada and the United States / Lorien Nesbitt – Human faces, forest places: an examination of urban green equity in multicultural cities / Sarah Marder Creating a New Narrative: Storytelling for Social Change / Rik De Vreese Social representations of nature can they contribute to understanding citizen relation with urban trees

FUM  / Salone Mantegnesco  
• PS 2.2 Changing spaces and places

chaired by Gianmichele Cirulli
Dhrubo Alam Requiem for Wilderness in Dhaka / Johan Ostberg and Ruth A. Rae / Cemeteries as eternal urban green-spaces? Shifting uses in the United States and Sweden / Samaneh Nyckayin 
 The Urban Forest in the age of urbanization / Paul Ries Green Infrastructure in Small Communities: Constraints and Catalysts / John Rayner Beyond the trees: designing shrub communities for the urban forest / Luiz de Lima Pedreira   Reforestation of Degraded Slopes of the City of Rio de Janeiro with Community Mobilization / Rose Nalubega  Exploring and demonstrating the best socio-economic, and environmental benefits  of the green infrastructure technology in Uganda

FUM / Aula Matilde di Canossa  
• PS 2.3 Changing Environment  
chaired by Chris Baines -  Clive Davies Exploring the role of urban forestry in Urban National Parks/ Renate S. Spaeth Wild urban forests and wood biomass short rotation landscape laboratories on former brownfield sites Ruhr Area, Germany nature based solutions in place making and place keeping / Tahia Devisscher  and Camilo Ordoñez: Urban forest in Latin America: challenges and opportunities for research and practice / Gayane Nersisyan - Studying indicator parameters of ecological tolerance of trees under conditions of the city of Yerevan / Claudia Alzetta Streamlining Tree Selection: Biodiversity, Ecosystem services  and Tree needs in Padova (Italy) / Michelle Johnson Taking care of  New York City’s urban forest: Understanding civic environmental stewardship outcomes / Halima Nakasaga A review of climate change adaptation strategies in major cities in Uganda

Teatro Sociale
• PS 2.4 Changing Benefits
chaired by Thomas Randrup
David Nowak  Changing Global Urban Tree Cover and Benefits / Francesco Ferrini Effect of heavy pruning on tree growth and physiology and on microclimate conditions / Gina Serrano  Using the vitality class approach for the study of the status and condition of street trees in tropical cities. The case of Guayaquil, Ecuador / Charlie Shackleton  Urban resident’s favourite and disliked trees in eleven towns in Zimbabwe and South Africa / Carla Short Financing the Urban Forest, a San Francisco Success Story / Elisa Pieratti The contribution of peri-urban forests to the circular bioeconomy: the case study of Monte Morello in Italy / Mariangela Soraci Ecosystem services and benefits of Urban Forest and Green Infrastructure and in the urban rural divide

17.00 / 17.30 Teatro Sociale
Coffee break

17.30 / 19.30 Teatro Sociale

The significance of Forests and Trees in the historical development of cities
moderated by Joe McBride panelists: / Mr. R. Deverell (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew) / Ms. Cynnamon Dobbs (Universidad de Chile) / Mr. Gareth Doherty (GSD Harvard) /  Mr. Richard Weller (Penn University) / Ms. Sylvie Nail (University  of Nantes) 

9.00 –  15.00 Politecnico di Milano / Aula A.1.7

Living Lab
Build your city forest
To learn about the new scenario-based learning game for students Build your city forest: Create a greener, healthier and happier world

10.00 / 15.00 Piazza Virgiliana
Tree Climbing activities in Piazza Virgiliana

organizer: SIA – ISA

9.00 – 18.00 Politecnico
Un tesoro di suolo: dal degrado urbano alla città circolare
curated by S.O.S. 4 LIFE

9.00 – 20.00 FUM / Casa Gialla
Photo Exhibition
Cambiare la natura delle città. Storie, cifre, notizie  e nomi delle foreste urbane e periurbane in Lombardia
curated by ERSAF

9.30 – 13.00 / 14.30 – 18.00 Palazzo D’Arco
Città per le persone. Mostra itinerante dei laboratori REBUS
Curated by REBUS. Renovation of public Buildings and Urban Spaces
Organizer: Emilia Romagna Region, Emilia Romagna ANCI, Politecnico di Milano, Ibimet, Proambiente

14.00 – 19.30 FUM / Salone Mantegnesco Exhibition Poster Exhibition 

18.00 – 19.30 Sala degli Stemmi
Public conference
Verde è Salute / Green is Health (Italian language)
speaker: Francesca Cirulli (Primo Ricercatore presso il Centro per le Scienze Comportamentali e la Salute Mentale dell’Istituto Superiore di Sanità e Presidente della European Brain and Behavior Society) / scientific advice: ISS Istituto Superiore di Sanità

18.30 – 19.30 Sala delle Capriate
Festivaletteratura for WFUF
Cambiamenti climatici e foreste: benefici per la società, conseguenze per gli ecosistemi, proposte di azione  
(Italian language)
Speakers:s Giorgio Vacchiano, Emanuele Bompan


18.30 – 22.30 Rotonda San Lorenzo
Planet Forest/ Audiovisual installation

Virtual landscapes, imaginary scenarios, a continuously  moving observatory and an infinite Forest by Propp

19.00-21.00 Teatro Bibiena
Ludwig ban Beethoven, Sinfonia n.6 in Fa maggiore, op.68 "Pastorale"
directed by Umberto Benedetti Michelangeli
OCM Orchestra da Camera di Mantova

19.00 – 23.00 Cinema Mignon
Festival Cinematografico Internazionale sulle Foreste / International Film Festival on Forests
For info:
Organizzatori   fao comune di mantova politecnico di milano sisef  
Con il patrocinio di parlamento europeo medaglia presidente repubblica ministero dell'ambiente mipaaf ersaf
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