Comitato scientifico

Cecil Konijnendijk
Cecil Konijnendijk è professore di forestale urbana presso la University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. Cecil ha studiato, insegnato e "consigliato" sulla forestazione urbana e le relazioni tra persone e natura in tutto il mondo. È anche un avido scrittore ed è stato redattore capo della rivista "Urban Forestry & Urban Greening" sin dalla sua fondazione nel 2002.
Stefano Boeri
Stefano Boeri, architetto e urbanista, è Professore Ordinario al Politecnico di Milano e insegna come visiting professor in diverse università internazionali. Attualmente dirige il Future City Lab alla Tongji University di Shanghai: un programma di ricerca post-dottorato che anticipa le trasformazioni delle metropoli planetarie in relazione ai temi della biodiversità e della forestazione urbana. Lo studio Stefano Boeri Architetti, con sede a Milano e uffici a Shanghai e Tirana, è impegnato in progetti a diverse scale quali il Piano Regolatore Tirana2030 e l’esportazione, in diverse città del mondo, del prototipo del Bosco Verticale realizzato a Milano nel 2014. 
I membri del Comitato Scientifico svolgeranno un ruolo attivo nella preparazione del programma del Forum. Le loro attività includono:
· Revisione e selezione degli abstract inviati dai partecipanti
· Identificazione dei presidenti delle diverse sessioni del programma
· Presidenza delle sessioni, laddove necessario
· Supporto nell’identificazione dei relatori per le sessioni plenarie
· Contributo alla selezione dei temi per le diverse sessioni
Alessandro Balducci
Ms in Architecture and PhD in Urban and Regional Planning, is Full professor of Planning and Urban Policies at Politecnico di Milano. Has been Deputy Mayor for Urban Planning of the City of Milan, Vice Rector of Politecnico, director of the PhD program in Spatial Planning and Urban Development, President of AESOP, founding member of EURA, and chair of the Italian Society of Urbanists (SIU). Among the last publications he has co-edited Situated practices of Strategic Planning: an International Perspective  Routledge 2017.
Adrina C. Bardekjian
Dr. Adrina C. Bardekjian works with Tree Canada as Manager of Urban Forestry Programs & Research Development; she is also a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the University of British Columbia. Adrina’s academic research focuses on the social aspects of arboriculture, specifically perspectives towards identity and labour, and women’s participation and leadership. Adrina also directs the Canadian Urban Forest Network, Strategy and Conference.
Carlo Calfapietra
Carlo Calfapietra ( is a senior researcher at CNR and Lecturer at University of Tuscia. His main interests are the biosphere-atmosphere interactions publishing about 80 research papers on these topics (H-index: 39). He has been Chair of the COST Action FP1204 “GreenInUrbs”, Co-Chair of the Expert WG on NBS of the EC, and WP leader of the H2020-NBS project proGIReg.
Cynnamon Dobbs
Dr Cynnamon Dobbs Assistant professor Department of Geography, Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, Universidad de Chile. My research explores the links between the natural and human environment, especially the ecosystem services provided by natural resources on urbanized areas. I have a particular interest in the structure and composition of urban forests, the services provided, people's values on those and how those modeled their conditions in relation to their planning and management.
Silvano Fares
Senior scientist and scientific board member at the Council for Agricultural Research and Economics - Research Centre for Forestry and Wood, Italy. Scientific steering committee member of ILEAPS (Integrated Land Ecosystem-Atmosphere studies) and board member of SISEF (Italian Society of Silviculture and Forest Ecology). He is an expert in measuring and modelling exchanges of biogenic volatile organic compounds and greenhouse gases between urban forest ecosystems and the atmosphere.
Francesco Ferrini
PhD - Full Professor at the Department of Agrifood Production and Environmental Sciences - University of Florence (Italy). Dean of the School of Agriculture. Member of the ISA Board (2005-2016). President of the Italian Society of Arboriculture (2005-2011).Senior Director of Advances in Horticultural Sciences. Associate Editor of the Urban Forest & Urban Greening and Arboriculture & Urban Forestry. Editor of the Handbook of Urban Forestry.
Deborah KUH
Deborah is Head of the Greening, Landscape, and Tree Management Section (GLTMS) in the Development Bureau (DEVB) of the HKSAR, and an internationally recognised designer specialising in inter and trans-disciplinary design and environmental asset management. Policies to augment Place-driven urban environments include Resilient and adaptive landscapes; Improved vegetation diversity in the city; Robust Urban Forest Management Strategy; Enhanced blue + green eco-services networks
David J. Nowak
David Nowak is a Senior Scientist and Team Leader with the USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station in Syracuse, NY. His research investigates urban forest structure, health, and change, and its effect on human health and environmental quality. He has authored over 300 publications and leads teams developing the i-Tree software suite that quantifies the benefits and values from vegetation.
Charlie Shackleton
Charlie is a full-time research professor in the department of Environmental Science at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa, where he occupies a research chair in “Interdisciplinary Science in Land and Natural Resource Use for Sustainable Livelihoods”. His urban sustainability work has focussed on the nature, use and inequities in urban forestry and green spaces in small towns in developing countries
Alan Simson
Alan Simson is a Professor of Landscape Architecture and Urban Forestry at Leeds Beckett University, UK. He has been involved with practice, teaching and researching urban forestry / urban futures for many years, having gained extensive professional experience in the UK New Towns. He has been involved with many EU research projects on urban green infrastructure and urban forestry, and is a member of the International Committee of the European Forum on Urban Forestry.
Rola Khoury
Rola Khoury is Cloudburst Foundation Co-Founder and Executive Director. Through Cloudburst’s exclusive partnership with the Commonwealth Secretariat, it advances cross-sectoral collaboration by engaging diverse capacities - initially within the 52 Commonwealth member states, and thereafter globally - to demonstrate and expand integrative approaches to regenerating the wealth of Earth’s commons as a means to address the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Rola’s background is in international law and business.
Enrico Alleva
Enrico Alleva is the Director of the Reference Centre for Behavioural Sciences and Mental Health (Istituto Superiore di Sanità). 1990-2016 director of the Section of Behavioural Neurosciences. President of the scientific and technical Committee of the Italian Space Agency (ASI), President of the Italian Federation of Environmental and Natural Sciences (FISNA). Member of the scientific Council of Istituto della Enciclopedia Italiana "Giovanni Treccani".
Cheng Wang
Dr Cheng Wang is a Professor, Director of Urban Forest Research Center of State Forestry Administration, P.R. China and Chinese Academy of Forestry. He is the editor-in-chief for Journal of Chinese Urban Forestry and the Chairman of Urban Forestry Association in the Chinese Society of Forestry. He is now playing a leading role in promoting urban forest research and practices in China.
Paloma Cariñanos
Paloma Cariñanos is Assistant Professor of the Department of Botany, University of Granada, and Senior Researcher of the Andalusian Institute of Earth System Research. My research is focused on the evaluation of ecosystem services provided by urban forests, particularly those that have an effect on public health. I have been the coordinator of the initiative "Breathing in the Mediterranean Parks", of FAO's Silva Mediterranea Working Group on urban and peri-urban forestry.
Francisco J. Escobedo
Francisco J. Escobedo is a Professor at the Universidad del Rosario in Bogota, Colombia. He has over 20+ years of management, research, extension, and teaching experience in urban, peri-urban and wildland forest ecosystem management primarily in North and South America as well as in China and Italy. He is on the Editorial Board of several urban forestry journals.
Clive Davies
Clive Davies is an international consultant on urban, peri-urban forestry and green infrastructure.  His specialism is on the spatial planning, temporal aspects, policy and strategy development.  He normally works at the science-policy-practice interface.  He is Director of MD2 Consulting, a research fellow at Newcastle University (UK), visiting professor at UNIBA (Italy) and currently the convenor of the European Forum on Urban Forestry (EFUF) international committee.   
Ian Shears
Ian is the Practice Lead, Urban Forest and Green Infrastructure at the City of Melbourne.  This is an influential leadership position responsible for providing advice and advocacy and progressing the critical role that green infrastructure plays in adapting the city to a changing climate, population growth, urban densification and urban heat island effect, and fundamental support for the city’s liveabilty and the health and wellbeing of the community.
Marco Marchetti
Marco Marchetti is Full Professor of Forest Planning and Conservation and Vice Rector at the University of Molise, Italy. He has a research record of more than 30 years in the domains of land use, forest inventory and monitoring, management and conservation of natural resources with experiences in Europe and several countries in Africa and Latin America. His experience in land planning, biodiversity and ecosystem services assessment is currently being applied to urban systems and land consumption.  Chair of Italian Association of Agricultural Science Societies and President of the Italian Society of Forest Ecology and Silviculture, recently he has recently been elected as Board member of the European Forest Institute.   
Stephen Livesley
Stephen co-leads the Green Infrastructure Research Group at The University of Melbourne. Stephen studies how trees, soil and other vegetation provide ecosystem function and social benefits in urban landscapes. Stephen currently leads two large Australian Research Council projects, one looking at urban tree functions in storm water systems, and the other managing the urban forest for both people and wildlife.
Anna Lambertini
Anna Lambertini, PhD in Landscape Architecture, is associate professor of Landscape Architecture at the DIDA/University of Florence, where she is Director of the Master Degree Program in Landscape Architecture. She teach also at the EMADU of Fés (Morocco). Editor-in-chief of the AIAPP journal Architettura del Paesaggio, she is a member of the Fondazione Benetton Studi e Ricerche International Scientific Committee.   
Mr C. Y. Jim
Chair Professor of Urban Ecology at the University of Hong Kong. His multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary research focuses on the core nature-in-city theme, encompassing urban ecology, urban forestry, urban green infrastructure, urban soil science, green roof, green wall, natural and artificial turfs, urban biodiversity, urban nature conservation, and nature-based solutions for sustainable and compact cities.
Mr. Giovanni Sanesi
Professor at the University of Bari since 2000, he studied the role of green spaces in urban settlements for more than 30 years, initially as consultant and then as researcher. His research interests are mainly focused on urban forestry and related ecosystem services. He currently serves, as secretary, the Italian Society of Silviculture and Forestry Ecology (SISEF).   He is author and co-author of 180 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals.   
Ms. Laura Gatti
Agronomist, Landscape Consultant and Landscape Designer. Firm founded in 1992, specialized in horticultural advisory, tree care, tree management plans, soil consultancy, with special skills and experiences in restoration of historical sites and greening integrated to buildings (green roofs, green walls, hanging gardens). Winner of many competitions together with different international architecture and engineering firms. Founder and first president of the Italian Society of Arboriculture. Adjunct professor in the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, University of Milan since 2005. Awarded with the Targa Fabio Rizzi as Professional of the Year in 2008. Awarded as ‘Great Tree of the Italian Landscape’ in 2017 and granted as ‘One of the 50 most impactful green leaders – Global Listing’ in 2018.
Mr. Marc Palahì
Marc Palahí is the Director of the European Forest Institute and responsible for leading the organisation towards an acknowledged pan-European science-policy platform. Previously he led EFI’s policy support activities and during this time was instrumental in launching ThinkForest, a European high-level science-policy forum on the future of forests, Chaired by Mr. Göran Persson. Marc has a PhD in forestry and is an expert on forests and global change. He has written influential articles about the transformational role of forests in fighting climate change and developing a European bioeconomy. In 2018 Marc Palahí was nominated as a Honorary Member of the Italian Academy of Forest Sciences. 
Ms. Maria Chiara Pastore
Maria Chiara Pastore is research coordinator at Stefano Boeri Architetti and Course Instructor at Politecnico di Milano (Urban Design Studio). She holds a PhD in Spatial Planning and Urban Development from Politecnico di Milano with a research on the relation between water and urban planning, particularly in rapid urbanizing African cities. Her research and professional interests regard the relation between the development of water and sanitation systems and urban environments, urban planning in Africa, adaptive planning in relation to rapid growing cities, and disaster risk reduction. Since 2014, she is consultant to the World Bank (GFDRR) and the Government of Malawi for the production of post-disaster guidelines.
Mr. Giuseppe Scarascia-Mugnozza
Professor of Forestry and Environmental Sciences at the University of Tuscia, Viterbo, and Urban Forestry at the Faculty of Architecture of La Sapienza University in Rome. He is dean of the Department of Innovation in Biological Systems, Food and Forestry at the University of Tuscia, recently awarded as Department of Excellence among Italian universities. He has been research assistant at the University of Washington in Seattle (USA), director of the Institute of agro-envinronmental and forest biology (IBAF) of the National Research Council. He coordinated several European and national research projects on the impact of climate change on forest ecosystems, forest and wood bioeconomy, on agro-forestry and urban forests. Former President of the European Forest Institute, based in Finland and Brussels, he is the author of over 200 scientific publications and books, in English and Italian. 
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