Excursion to Parco del Mincio


The park of the one thousand trees and of the white storks
Special opening with guided visit of the Bertone nineteenth-century garden park and of its green heritage.  Native and exotic secular trees, among which a Ginkgo biloba – the highest in Italy- appear in the multicoloured aspect of the autumnal foliage. In the Bertone, The Parco del Mincio institution activated the project of reintroduction of the white stork (Ciconia ciconia)  and many couples built their nests on the top of the highest trees.

During the excursion the participants will be guided by some experts to learn about various thematic areas that characterize the place and the activities that Parco del Mincio institution does here. The themes and the experiences proposed are:

1 – The romantic garden forest: description of the botanical species here present and aspects of green heritage management
2 – European project of reintroduction of the white stork
3 – sight, sense of smell, touch: the senses in the forest. A small outdoor environmental education workshop.
4 – Bertone Villa, the cultural heritage in the summer residence of the Counts D’arco

Duration 3 hours. Two groups of maximum 45 participants will be transported by bus from Mantua to Bertone Garden Park.
The participation fee is 25 € and includes the guided visit and the round trip transportation from Mantua.

River excursions
Mantua is a city of water that lives a continuous symbiosis between art and nature.
The river excursions, of different type, on Mincio river permit to picture the theme of landscape and show the value and the role represented by the green - trees, forests, gardens – in the different habitats of the Mantua Lakes, that are site of Natura 2000 European Network sites and ZPS (special protection zone for the avifauna).

- A first itinerary is on the Superiore Lake. A tour toward the natural reserve of Mincio Valleys (RN Ramsar, site of  Natura 2000 Network Sites, ZPS, ZSC and touristic destination EDEN of excellence in the same European network). On board a naturalist expert will help to individualize avian species and to describe the habitat that hosts them.

The participation fee is 20€ - Max 70 seats, duration 2 hours.

- A second itinerary starts from Mincio Lakefront to follow the river current toward the low river, crossing the natural reserve Vallazza. During the navigation it will be possible to see  the areas planted with quality poplar grove. On board you can attend informative sessions about flora and fauna.

The participation fee is 20 € - Max 150 seats, duration 1:30 hour.
Organizers   fao comune di mantova politecnico di milano sisef  
Under the patronage of parlamento europeo medaglia presidente repubblica ministero dell'ambiente mipaaf ersaf
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