Day 2

8.45 –  9.00 Teatro Sociale
chaired by Sebastiano Sali (Comune di Mantova)
9.00 – 10.00 Teatro Sociale

chaired by Sebastiano Sali (Comune di Mantova)
 The present status of urban forestry in the world speakers: Mr. Francesco Ferrini (University of Florence)  
and Mr. Giovanni Sanesi (University of Bari)
Governance challenges for urban forests  and green spaces
Speaker: Mr David Miller (C40)
10.00 – 10.30 Teatro Sociale
Coffee Break

10.30 – 12.30 PARALLEL SESSIONS 3
Teatro Sociale  
• P.S 3.1 Changing People
chaired by Terry Hartig / Neelesh Yadav / Status of fringe forest management in rainfed areas of India and socio-economic assessment of fringe villages for Rural-Urban areas / Erika Svendsen  Collecting and Sharing Global Stewardship Stories / Nanamhla Gwedla  The barriers to, and enablers of tree planting in South African low-cost housing suburbs / Chayn Sun  Modelling the Effect of Tree Planting on Mitigating Heat Exposure for Vulnerable Population in Australian Cities / Clare Olver The Natural Health Service in The Mersey Forest / Ian Whitehead  Integrated approaches to urban and rural community forestry / Luisa Ravanello  REBUS® [REnovation of public Buildings / and Urban Spaces]: a method for designing resilient cities by implementing Nature-based Solutions / Anna Steidle Cooperation between policymakers, stakeholders and the public: Citizens participation on the example of the EU Project “Smarter Together” and “Freiham” in the City of Munich, Germany

FUM / Salone Mantegnesco  
• PS 3.2 Changing Spaces and Places

chaired by Marco Cillis
Amanda Manyani  How urban dwellers identify with natural elements within urban green spaces in the Eastern Cape, South Africa? / Rocco Pace  How does trees density affect air quality and temperature mitigation? The case study of Berlin / Abdallah Tawfic  Productive Green Roofs as a multi benefit tool for Cairo’s informal settlements / Claudia Fongar  Norwegian urban green space management – Managers’ perspectives / Erika Svendsen 
 Urban forests: Sharing a common language of holistic stewardship / Maria Beatrice Andreucci / Measuring for Managing the Urban Green Blue Infrastructure. An International survey of building Resilience in Cities / Salvatore Colombo Cesano Maderno: a decade of experience in urban forestry  / Bernard Koenig & Lisa Enzenhofer / Breathe spaces – activating natural processes

FUM / Aula Matilde di Canossa  
• PS 3.3 Changing Environment

chaired by David Pearlmutter  / C.Y. Jim  Porosity of roadside soil as indicator of edaphic quality for tree planting / Zheng Zhang  Influence of plant composition and water use strategies on green roof stormwater retention / Emanuele Pallozzi 
 Urban park effects on Naples air quality / Lin Gu Comprehensive assessment of health care function / in the typical recreation forests of Hui Mountain in Wuxi City,  Jiangsu Province of East China / Thomas Randrup  Sustainable Management of Urban Forests. What is environmental, economic and social sustainability in management of urban open spaces? / Anand Persad 
 When Trees Fail: Biomechanical Analyses of Storms in the Caribbean and in North America / Chang Zhang / Characteristics of Riparian Vegetation and the Associated Human Influence in urban area / Thomas Rotzer  Mitigating urban climate change – Simulating ecosystem services of urban trees under present and future climate conditions 

FUM / Aula Magna  
• PS 3.4 Changing Benefits chaired by Liza Paqueo

Kathleen Wolf / Urban Trees as an Upstream Solution to Promote Human Health – A Systematic Review of the Evidence / Mohammad A. Rahman  – Ecosystem services from urban green spaces – A quantitative study to compare the species differences at micro-scale / Livia Zapponi  An old resource for new benefits – understanding the role of dead wood / Wendy Y. Chen 
 Prioritizing benefits of riparian vegetation in Guangzhou (South China): An importance-performance analysis / Arpit Shah  The impacts of green spaces in mitigating the urban heat island – The case of Bengaluru, India / Chan Ryul Park  Discipline and Impacts of urban forests coping with fine particles and heat waves at Seoul Metropolitan City of Korea / Maria Arroyave Optimizing urban forest ecosystem services in Medellin, Colombia / Samuel Ssenyondo Exploring Insights of Social-Ecological Resilience on Urban Infrastructure Transitions

10.30  – 12.30 Teatro Bibiena

Trees as Critical Urban Infrastructure to Improve Quality of Life
speakers: Sarah Charlop-Powers (Executive Director, New York City Natural Areas Conservancy) / Carine Bernede (Paris Director of Green Space and the Environment)  / Eleni Myrivili (Athens Deputy Mayor of Urban Nature, Resilience and Climate Change Adaptation and Chief Resilience Officer)  / Paola Viganò (Milan Director of Greening Department)  / moderator: Jacob Koch (Bloomberg Associates Sustainability Practice)  / Organizer: Bloomberg Associates

12.30 – 13.30 FUM Lunch break
13.30 – 15.00

Teatro Sociale

The function of green urban areas in controlling  air pollution speaker: Antonio Ballarin Denti organizer: ERSAF Lombardia Region

FUM / Aula Matilde di Canossa
Enhancing the value of biodiversity in urban ecosystems: The role of botanic gardens and seed banks speakers: Tiziana Ulian (RBG Kew) / Nabil Assaf (FAO-Algeria) / Richard Deverell (RBG Kew) / Mauricio Diazgranados (RBG Kew) / Sidi Sanogo (IER Mali) / Ricardo Garcia (Jardín Botánico Nacional Dominican Republic) / Talemos Seta Shanka (Gullele Botanic Garden, Ethiopia) / Hugh Pritchard (RBG Kew) / organizer: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

FUM / Aula Magna
Toward the “No Net Land Take” –  

Urban planning based on soil ecosystem services speakers: Lucie Trokanová (Neemo, EEIG) / Fabrizio Ungaro  (Institute of Biometeorology-CNR) / Costanza Calzolari (Institute of Biometeorology-CNR)  / Francesca Ugolini (Institute of Biometeorology-CNR)  / Marianna Nardino (Institute of BiometeorologyCNR) / Stefano Bazzocchi (Municipality of Forlì) / Nazaria Marchi (Emilia Romagna Region) / Organizer: SOS4Life, LIFE

Politecnico / Aula A.0.3
Quality trees for the cities of the future —  
Nursery production between market, rules  and climate change

organizer: Assofloro Lombardia, Coldiretti Lombardia

Sala degli Stemmi
Common Earth: Regenerating the Wealth  of Earth’s Commons

speakers: Rola Khoury and Freya Yost (The Cloudburst Foundation) / organizer: The Cloudburst Foundation

14.00  – 15.00 FUM  / Salone Mantegnesco

15.00  – 16.30 Politecnico / Aula A.0.3
Urban Forests in the Italian National Strategy  for Urban Green Space

organizers: Comitato per lo sviluppo del verde pubblico,  Ministero dell’Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare

15.00  – 16.30 PARALLEL SESSIONS 4

Teatro Sociale  
• PS  4.1 Nature-based Solutions
chaired by Thami Croeser
Nadine Galle / Nature-based solutions: using geospatial big data for urban forestry quality assessments / Josefina Enfedaque Transforming cities, enhancing well-being through nature-based solutions (NBS). The EU-led mission towards the urban green transformation / Alessio Fini  Nature-based solutions to mitigate soil sealing in urban areas: Results from a 6-year study comparing permeable, porous, and impermeable pavements / Andrea Pianella Green infrastructures and associated policies improve urban sustainability: A case study in Melbourne / Lars Briggs  Stormwater management and blue-green infrastructure for improved urban forests. Climate Change Adaptation in Cities – Experience from Denmark and Poland / Theodore Endreny Urban forest expansion is predicted to reduce the air temperature impacts of urban heat islands FUM  –  Salone Mantegnesco  

• PS 4.2 Changing People chaired by Andrej Verlic
Heather Johnstone  Town of Victoria Park Urban Forest strategy: A case study of Asset Based Community Development in a volunteer framework / José Sato Risk reduction of vulnerable neighborhoods, foresting hillside slopes in Lima, Peru / Lindsay Campbell City of Forests, City of Farms: The Governance and Discourse of Urban Sustainability in New York City / Amber Grant  Perspectives on environmental justice in planning and delivery of urban forestry goals / David Galwey Urban forest values recognised in unique legislation / Kathryn Hand  Ecosystem service provision by urban trees: opportunities and challenges to enhancing delivery through policy and management

FUM  –  Aula Matilde di Canossa  
• PS 4.3 Changing Places and Spaces
chaired by Urmila Rajadhyaksha / Moussa Soule Woody Species Diversity and Structure of Urban Forests for Sahel Cities in Niger / Hai Anh Nguyen  Redefining Agro – Forestry Settlement Development in Da Lat Urban Fringe (Workshop 2018, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province, Viet Nam) / Atila Gul  Approach of Online Access to Inventory Data of Urban Trees with ArchGIS (Case of Isparta City) / Cindy Blain  California’s Urban Forests: Climate Change, Public Health, and Environmental Justice / Qunyue Liu The contributions of greenways to people’s quality of life – A case study of the Fuzhou Greenway in China / Marco Cillis  The architect’s wood. Bosco Albergati Park by Cesare Leonardi and the local ecological network

FUM  –  Aula Magna  
• PS 4.4 Changing Environment

chaired by Carlo Calfapietra / Francesco Musco  Contribution of urban forestry to climate change adaption plan and policies: the case of Mantova, Italy / Artur Goncalves  The Role of Urban Green Spaces in the Urban Climate – The Case Study of the City of Bragança (Portugal) / Mario Elia  Are Wildfires Knocking on the Built-Up Areas Door? / Elena Beatriz Craig Methodological proposals for risk evaluation of urban forest in metropolitan area of Buenos Aires, Argentina / Shadananan Nair Krishnapillai  Urban forest management in India: Challenges under a changing climate and environment / Tiziana Panzavolta 
 Diseases and pests harming ecosystem services in urban green spaces of the Mediterranean region / Christian Torres Santana Understanding posthurricane tree damages at the Arboretum Doña Inés Park, an urban forest in San Juan, Puerto Rico

16.30 – 17.00 Teatro Sociale Coffee Break

17.00 – 18.30 Politecnico / Aula A.0.3

Tree Renewal in Streetscapes. Technical aspects, management solutions and best practices
organizers: SIA-Società Italiana di Arboricoltura, ISA-International Society of Arboriculture

17.00 – 17.15 Teatro Sociale
Welcome address — Directorate-General for Forests The significance of urban and periurban forests in the present and future of Italian woodlands
speaker: Alessandra Stefani (Director General for Forests, MIPAAFT, Italy)

17.15 – 18.45 Teatro Sociale
Urban Forests for healthier and happier cities
moderated by Enrico Alleva / Panelists: Mr Terry Hartig  (University of Uppsala) / Mr Matthias Braubach (WHO Europe) / Mr Dave Nowak  (US Forest Service) / Ms Wilma Zijlema (Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology) / Ms Lida Aljabar (Trust for Public Land) 


9.00– 13.00 / 14.30– 16.30 Laboratory 1/  
MAMU - Mantova Multicenter, Largo di Porta Pradella
Build your city forest: create a greener, healthier  and happier world

organizer Build A World  

10.00 – 15.00 Piazza Virgiliana
Tree Climbing activities

Organizer: SIA – ISA

9.00 – 18.00 Politecnico

Un tesoro di suolo: dal degrado urbano  alla città circolare
curated by S.O.S. 4 LIFE

9.00 – 20.00 FUM / Casa Gialla
Photo Exhibition

Cambiare la natura delle città. Storie, cifre, notizie  e nomi delle foreste urbane e periurbane in Lombardia
curated by ERSAF

9.00 – 18.30 FUM / Salone Mantegnesco

Poster Exhibition

9.30 – 13.00 / 14.30 – 18.00 Palazzo D’Arco

Città per le persone. Mostra itinerante  dei laboratori REBUS
Curated by REBUS. Renovation of public Buildings and Urban Spaces
Organizer: Emilia Romagna Region, Emilia Romagna ANCI, Politecnico  di Milano, Ibimet, Proambiente

18.00 – 19.30 Sala degli Stemmi
Ecoliteracy and urban food forests (Italian language)

Progetto di alfabetizzazione ecologica per la produzione di cibo e  la gestione consapevole delle foreste urbane /  organizer: Consorzio Forestale Padano

18.30 – 19.30 Sala delle Capriate Festivaletteratura for WFUF Regenerative development and climate change
Speakers: Stefano Boeri (Architect and Full Professor at Politecnico  di Milano) and Rola Khoury (Vice President and Founder at The Cloudburst Foundation)


19.00 – 22.30 Villa Corte Peron
WFUF Social Dinner

18.30 – 22.30 Rotonda San Lorenzo
Planet Forest/ Audiovisual installation
Virtual landscapes, imaginary scenarios, a continuously  moving observatory and an infinite Forest by Propp

21.00  Teatro Bibiena / via Accademia, 47
Ludovico Einaudi – Special Piano Concert for WFUF  

21.00 – 23.30 Cinema Mignon Festival Cinematografico Internazionale sulle Foreste
/ International Film Festival on Forests
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