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To receive press accreditation for the World Forum on Urban Forests in Mantova, it is mandatory to send a request to the Forum’s press office before November 23rd 2018 to the address:
It has to include: 
  • Personal data (name and telephone number)
  • The name of the media organization you write for (newspaper, magazine, journal, website, press agency, review, Radio, TV)

It is only possible to accredit those journalists that have received by their media organization the task to write or create a TV report on the Forum. The same criteria applies to photo-reporters and photo-agencies.  
Only one accreditation will be granted for each newspaper/magazine/journal/website/press agency, and two for TV (journalist and cameraman).

The accreditation is only valid after having received the confirmation from the press office. It will not be guaranteed to those whom will show up directly to the Forum.

The journalists who have received written confirmation can collect their passes: 
Tuesday 27th November from 3pm to 6pm and Wednesday 28th November from 8am to 1 pm at the Teatro Sociale;
Wednesday 28th November from 2pm to 7pm;
Thursday 29th and Friday 30th from 8.30 am to 7pm at the Forum reception, located in Mantova in Via Scarsellini 2 (Casa Gialla);
Saturday 1st December from 8.30 am to 1pm at the Teatro Bibiena.

The press room is organized in the Sala Multimediale of the Politecnico di Milano, located in Mantova in 3 Piazza d’Arco.

The press office has the unchallengeable right to choose which websites to give accreditations to, depending on their online content.  

The accreditation pass gives the right to a video or audio recording of a maximum of 3 minutes. If you had other requirements, it is mandatory to agree on them beforehand with the press office.

The pass gives the right to a free access to all the events of the Forums, except for paying performances and concerts, if not agreed beforehand with the press office. 
The pass is strictly personal, and it cannot be handed over to anybody else. 
The pass does not include accommodation and catering of any type.
The official press conference was held on Thursday 8 November 2018 at 12.00 am at Palazzo Marino, Milan.
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